Jul 12, 2010


today, pn zalina told us that UPSI will held a competition among ict students. the competition is more about our blog. im not sure what criteria that UPSI will look for. but i will try my best to make my blog win! haha.

May 3, 2010


gosh, so long i not update my ict blog. today, pn zalina explain back about the programming phase. i feel glad because i think my understanding about this topic much clearer and better. pn noorainie observe our class today. she wish all of us will get an A+ in SPM that only 5 months more. HUH! hope so that I'm gonna get an A+. insyaallah, nothing possible. heeee :)

Feb 24, 2010


in pk1 i only got 48. gosh, so bad. i'm the lowest among my classmates. i must struggle hardly to recover it. if can, i want to get A+ in SPM. so i should study earlier before the day of test. and memorise all the main point in each chapter. :)